Do you know this dividend yield best stock company name ?..... Safe heaven story....

Basically I am trying to post best dividend yield company where one can earn dividend for long term view.

Each company is showing average dividend of last 3 years.

Post doesn't include any effect of bonus shares, right shares, or buy back of shares.

When company issue bonus that year company pay less dividend or no dividend. As bonus it self is dividend for shareholder.

Out of this below mention script few script is private company where as 8 company is public listed company.

Below table is all top company paying dividend .....

Here, 3 company providing yield of 10% or more while fix deposit rate is much more down compare to this.

Even most of company declares bonus issue around 3-4 years to keep share price attractive and same level.

Risk averse investor must look into this table and invest in any liking stock.

Derivative learn.

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