Do you know Top 15 company posting highest EPS in listed space must read....

Today I am posting the list of Top 15 Company posted highest Earning per share (EPS) in Indian listed space. I will share logic of this company why company grown at such level.

EPS is Total earning/ No. of Equity share

Brand: Take any name from list each company selling Brand product. Brand can valued at any huge price.

Equity capital: The Company is focusing on business and not willing to take share price down by issuing new capital or bonus shares, right shares etc. Even operator thinks 10 times before entering in such company where equity capital is small and very limited share holder who actually know value of investing.

Rate of stock: Price of stock trading at 10,000 or more shows very few genuine investor hold shares. Each and every people can’t afford to buy brand product or service same way such stock are for niche shareholders.

Liquidity: Due to low equity base Liquidity can’t be seen well in such counter. Even, investor of such counter actually believe partner of business and not willing to exit at any cost.

Consistent Growth: This Company consistently grow at minimum rate, compounding rate of such growth create wealth in reality.

Choice of stock: Generally HNI (high net worth investor) or Mutual fund house, Corporate Bodies such entity buys this stock.

Learning: Being a small investor one should buy such share and hold for minimum 8-10 years to see magic of compounding.

Below is table showing highest 15 EPS company…..

one must look into above list for consistent performing stock.

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