Must read List of TOP 22 company having Highest Market Capitalization.....

Here, I am posting Top 22 Company having highest market capitalization in listed space in India.

What is Market capitalization?

Market capitalization= Equity shares* current market price of shares

Full Market cap includes promoter plus public float shares, while Floating market cap Include only Free float i.e. public lying shares except Promoter shares.

We have considered Full market cap for our knowledge purpose.

Few learning from this story of market cap…..

·        These stocks always grow at specific constant rate for many years.

·        Most of company pay excellent dividend regularly.

·      Most of company is reporting highest turnover in respective sector. Example: Asian paint is highest paint Seller Company in paint industry.

·        Liquidity in such stock is very excellent.

·        Good performer always performs well every year.

               In stock market we always take bad decision while selling a stock. Mr. A bought two shares of company x and y at 100 Rs. Each. After a year his stock trading at X rate is 190 and Y rate is 95 Rs. He needs money so think of selling stock. 99% of investor always sells stock which trading at 190 Rs. And hold stock trading at 95 Rs. being a greedy mentality. Here, we do big mistake and end up with losses.  In our factory Two worker working same task one is good and another is ok will remove worker who is ok in factory work but in stock market we always remove stock which is performing well.
Here, Top 22 highest market cap company list…..

Must keep on watch and try to buy favorite one.

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